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Why Estrovera?

Estrovera delivers ERr 731®, a plant-derived ingredient, demonstrated in clinical studies to significantly reduce daily hot flashes, and other menopausal symptoms, in a convenient once-per-day-dose.*1

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How Effective is Estrovera's Key Ingredient?

  • Up to 83% Reduction in Hot Flashes*1

    ERr 731® is clinically demonstrated to reduce daily hot flashes from 12 to 2 in as little as 12 weeks–an 83% reduction.*1

  • Convenient Once-a-Day 4 mg Tablet

    Effective relief for a wide range of other menopausal symptoms including: sleep disturbances, mood, irritability, and anxiety.*1,2,3

  • Trusted by Women and Physicians for over 20 Years

    ERr 731® has been recommended by healthcare practitioners across Europe for more than two decades.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

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Derived from nature. Perfected by science.

Estrovera's Key Ingredient Delivers Effective Relief for a Range of Menopausal Symptoms*

In multiple clinical studies, ERr 731® was shown to have marked improvements on a range of menopausal symptoms.*1,2,3

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††Compared with perimenopausal women receiving placebo, those receiving ERr 731® (the extract found in Estrovera®) experienced decreases in symptoms as indicated by the mean reduction in individual Menopause Rating Scale scores.

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