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Here's What People Are Saying

M. Hills, Patient

“Best product for menopause that I have taken and I have taken many. I know it works because I ran out and symptoms came back. While taking the Estrovera there were no symptoms and I was a happy woman. Thanks Estrovera, you are the BEST!”

J. Cochran, ND

“The majority of people notice a difference in their menopausal symptoms within two weeks to a month on Estrovera. Some people’s symptoms diminish to the point where they aren’t bothered by them anymore, and others see complete relief from all their symptoms.”

R. Gulati, MD

"Estrovera is a life changer for patients as well as doctors."
"Estrovera is a win-win...
because it works."

R. Lazarus, DC

“Estrovera is easy, inexpensive, and safe, and there is heavy anecdotal evidence that shows that it works for a lot of people, so it’s effective, too. I believe introducing lifestyle changes and optimizing health is something that needs to be done first…. As a physician, I would rather be a soundboard or an advocate for optimizing a patient’s lifestyle with foods and safe remedies that can either ease their symptoms or almost eliminate them. With Estrovera, you don’t have to be a salesman or consistently encourage people to use it—they will come to you and keep asking for it because it works!”

R. Hale, Patient

“Prior to Estrovera, I had major hot flashes and extreme sweating every 45 minutes, all day and all night. My shirt would be wet, my hair would be wet, and I wasn’t able to get any sleep. After the first two weeks of taking Estrovera, I was able to sleep six hours straight! Estrovera makes my life so much simpler, and I feel so much cleaner now that I’m not sweating and drenching constantly. It has changed my hot flashes and my life and allows me to finally get a good night’s sleep.”

"Thanks Estrovera, you are the BEST!"

M. Hills, Patient

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